Three Data Trends You Can Expect to See as We Ring in 2023

The only constant thing about digital marketing is that it’s never constant.

Three Data Trends You Can Expect to See as We Ring in 2023

Elaborate visuals have taken over simple charts, surveys and forms dominate over guessing games about your customers’ thoughts, and loose restrictions on data privacy have given way to extensive regulations. Here are three ways data is changing in 2023 and beyond.

Data Visualization

Boring graphs and endless spreadsheets were already (thankfully) on their way out, but 2023 will show them the door faster than ever. Data visualization, the art and practice of transforming raw data into visual works, has emerged as a popular way to make engaging presentations and create attention-grabbing reports on your data. Tools such as Power BI that enable data visualization will continue to win out as the preferred method for distributing key information on your digital marketing performance.

First-Party Data Collection

Rather than relying on heat maps, clickthrough rates, or other tools that might not tell the full story, data collection through forms and surveys lets you connect with your customers directly through first-party data collection. Fully customized customer surveys and polls are set to gain steam as other, more nebulous methods of collecting data fall out of favor.  

Include a mix of quantitative and qualitative questions about how customers interact with your company’s website and how they perceive and evaluate your marketing practices. Once you collect this data, you can employ those data visualization tools and spin out stunning displays that give you a clearer look at your most engaged customer base.

Typeform – a Binary Fabric favorite – allows you to quickly create fully customized surveys that can be embedded into your website or emails. This platform has integrations with other tools, including Google Analytics and Airtable, so you can easily transform your data into actionable insights. Typeform has also recently added several hundred new fonts to its available collection, as well as new and improved scheduling functionality to maximize control and style over your surveys. 

Data Privacy

Largely as a result of unfortunate data leaks, more and more people are turning to browsers and websites that promise a greater level of protection for their data. Legislation has also been enacted across the world in an effort to proactively protect consumers’ data, most notably being the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). In fact, Gartner estimates that nearly 75% of consumers will have their data subject to some type of regulatory standards by 2024. Gathering data about customers’ online habits will become harder in 2023 and beyond as companies and countries take measures that restrict how consumers can be tracked and how their information can be used. 

Data anonymization – the process and practice of stripping all personally identifying information from a dataset –  will become an even more vital tool in making sure you’re protecting customers’ data while still getting the information you need to make numbers-driven decisions about your marketing

Consumers also increasingly have the option to deny cookie tracking on websites. This gives them a greater level of privacy, but it also presents some challenges to digital marketers who rely on this data to better understand their customers’ online behavior. It’s important to keep in mind that the data you capture in tools such as Google’s Looker Studio, formally Data Studio, might not show the whole picture about your digital marketing efforts. Diversify your sources of information about your customers for the best marketing results.

The Future of Data Analytics

Capturing relevant data about your customers will continue to be one of the most important ways you have better understand their needs and tailor your digital marketing to them. As the future of tech unfolds, Binary Fabric is here to develop digital marketing that works. Get a free quote today.

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