Digital Marketing

Expansive in its reach and meticulous when it comes to audience, digital marketing targets and promotes products and services to potential customers via the internet and other modern technologies like cell phones. If you’ve seen a promoted ad on Twitter, received an email or text announcing a sale, bought a product recommended by an influencer on Instagram, or clicked an ad on a search engine results page, then you’re familiar with digital marketing campaigns.

With millions of dollars being spent online every minute of every day, digital marketing is an essential (if not the most important) tool in a business’s sales toolbox. And Binary Fabric can provide the expertise needed to use that tool profitably. Our digital marketing services and specialists ensure that your business is seen by (and appealing to) the audiences most likely to purchase and promote your brand.

How Digital Marketing Benefits Your Business

The benefits of digital marketing are substantial because they are both wide-ranging and focused. Businesses can advertise globally or target local markets, depending on their product and their goals. Additionally, the cost of developing and launching a digital marketing campaign is significantly lower than mass marketing campaigns like television commercials or print advertising. Not only does your ROI increase with the ability to inexpensively target your ideal clientele while globally expanding your brand’s presence, but digital marketing also provides real-time, analyzable data that can help you better achieve your advertising aims.

How We Manage Your Marketing Campaign

At the foundation of our digital marketing services is a focus on analytics. Our team specializes in research-driven, internet-based marketing techniques. We will thoroughly research your brand, your competitors, and the keywords associated with your products and/or services in order to develop a digital marketing campaign that is tailor-made for your company. And, even after we launch your campaign, we remain ever vigilant. We conduct additional analysis to assess how well your digital marketing campaign is performing and take the appropriate steps to continually improve its performance.

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In the era of near-ubiquitous internet access, it is impossible to launch or maintain a successful business without a specialized and coordinated digital marketing strategy. But most businesses don’t have the time or expertise to develop any sort of digital marketing campaign, let alone an outstanding one that will target potential customers and draw in new ones. Fortunately, digital marketing is Binary Fabric’s business. Our team is composed of digital marketing specialists who know how to bring customers to you, allowing you to focus on doing what your business does best.

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Digital Marketing Roadmap

Communication & Planning

Tell us what service or product you’d like to market, and we’ll plan a digital marketing strategy.


After determining a strategy that fits your needs, we’ll conduct market and keyword research to ensure a successful campaign.

Campaign Design

Once we’ve done the research, we’ll create your campaign, composing ads that are engaging and sophisticated.

Review & Launch

We won’t launch your ads until you have a chance to review and approve our work. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Follow Up & Additional Services

We’ll supervise your campaign to ensure it’s performing well, and we can offer additional services to help boost your brand’s visibility.

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